The Venturelli Group believes that education is an important pillar of community development. We were thrilled to help the support the Santa Barbara City College Foundation and help ensure that everyone has access to bettering themselves and improving their futures.

As shared on their website, ” the Santa Barbara City College Foundation was established in 1976 to provide Santa Barbara City College with private philanthropic support. The foundation acts in partnership with the college and bridges the gap between available public funding and institutional need, as determined by the college leadership. Serving as the vehicle through which individuals and organizations may invest in the college, the foundation fuels the educational excellence that has long been the hallmark of SBCC. The SBCC Foundation provides more than $4 million annually for student success programs, scholarships, book grants, and other critical needs of the college in order to support SBCC students as they prepare for careers, transfer to fouryear universities, and pursue lifelong learning goals”.