We are thrilled when our Give Back Santa Barbara movement extends beyond a monetary donation! In this case, we were invited to experience a Drumming and Dancing with Mindfulness class at Monroe School. It is truly incredible to see the work that Budhi Harlow is doing and to witness how enthusiastically the children were about participating!


As descriped on the Panzumo Rhythm, Song & Dance website

“Budhi has designed cutting edge creative arts education. His program is seen all over the south coast in preschools, elementary and high schools, universities, special needs, brain injured, retirement and hospice. Budhi’s work is alive with super vitality, drawing from a wide variety of deep, ancient wisdom traditions (especially African and Native American). His vision and action is to integrate Rhythm, Song and Dance into all aspects of our modern society.”

Fundraising for spring 2017 programs is happening now – help be a part of the drumming movement and support Budhi’s efforts!