We are proud supporters and sponsors of the Saltwater Diva’s non-profit & being able to sponsor their last surf competition with lunch.
“Empowering Women Of All Ages Through Surfing For A Healthy Active Lifestyle.”
 The Salt Water Divas A Surf Sisterhood is a Non-Profit network and a community of women. Our Mission is to Empower Women of All Ages Through Surfing for a Healthy Active Lifestyle. We are an organization of unique spirited women who are bound together from all over the world and come from all walks of life. We Invite Every Woman to come share our camaraderie and pure positive energy. If you’re a woman and you surf, join our sisterhood and surf local breaks with other local women. If you have never surfed before and want to learn, join our Women dedicated and designed Surf Education Program. You will learn from professionals, with other women and have the time on your life!

For more information please visit www.SaltWaterDivas.com