Max Klett, 27-years-old, was born and raised in Santa Barbara. Growing up, he was a very active surfer and still to this day his love for the sport has continued to grow. Max works as an EMT for American Medical Response, where he is constantly caring for others.

Recently, after a day of surfing, he started having chest pains, which continued for a few weeks. One night after a 12-hour EMT shift, he noticed swelling on his lower left abdomen. At that point he decided to go to the ER, where his wife, Michelle, stood by his side. After multiple tests and waiting for hours, doctors found a large mass in Max’s chest and left abdomen.

Max stayed in the hospital for six more days undergoing numerous tests, surgeries, and scans. After surgery, the doctors diagnosed him with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. His six-month chemotherapy treatment has started.

This diagnosis has come as a complete shock to Max, Michelle, and their family and friends. It has been a large financial burden because Max and Michelle do not have any health insurance. They are keeping a positive outlook and are hoping that the Santa Barbara community can help in some way. Please keep Max and Michelle in your thoughts and prayers. They appreciate each and every one of you that are willing to help in any way possible. Read More of Max’s Story Here.

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